New Movies Galore

It's been quite a week here at The Cinemat, with nine new titles added to our collection, and another eight next week! Do we even have time to watch them all? Of course we do!

A Van Sant debut, a Kingsley comedy, and a New Danish thriller. . .

Today is a Tuesday. That means we have new rentals. They are as follows:

Our Calendar is fully operational

Okay, so the newsletters aren't quite up and running yet. But our new calendar is. Just click on the "Calendar" link in the menu just below our logo up there for a complete look at what's coming to the Screening Room in the next few weeks. (Courtesy Google Calendar.)

For more information, or to book an event of your own, call our new Bookings & Promotions number: +1 812 650 4503, or email bookings AT thecinemat DOT com. The Screening Room can be rented for a show for as little as $25!

# # #

Newsletters coming September 17

Stay tuned!

What's new

September 14, 2007

The big news: we've decided to stick around for a while. The Cinemat is staying open indefinitely, and is no longer actively for sale.

That means all the movies you've been dying to watch are as available as ever. In some cases, more available: we've lowered the prices on most of our VHS titles. Some are as little as $1 for three nights!

We're also making a lot more changes, starting with our website. We hope you like the new and improved look, and find it useful. The biggest change we'll be telling you about soon is how we're going to be using the Screening Room in the future.

Please contact us with your feedback!

Sincerely yours == Steve Volan, Owner, The Cinemat

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