Help wanted: Screening Room assistant

We have an immediate need for an assistant to help duty clerks with the conduct of events in the Screening Room, who'll help in:

-- setting up the room before an event
-- taking admissions
-- delivering beverages/concessions that have been ordered at the front counter
-- cleaning up/bussing tables after the event.

The assistant may also be asked to:
-- change the exterior marquee
-- put up flyers for upcoming shows in certain locations downtown.

The ideal candidate will have about 10 hours a week available and an alcohol server's permit.

If you're interested, send email to by Monday, April 14.

Welcome to The CInemat's new discussion forums!

One rents videos in our Renting Room.

One watches films (and live performances) in our Screening Room.

And now, one can discuss movies (and the video store that is one's favorite purveyor of quality movies) in our new Chatting Room.

This is an experiment in community-building. We're hoping Cinemat customers will find it useful.

New this week in the cinemat's video archive.

We have new movies. New and Old. New releases and New (we should have already had) rentals. Check 'Em!

I've gotta do this more often.

Once again it has been a while since I have posted to this page. And once again we have many new movies added to our collection. And these are the movies.

Over some time we have acquired new films.

It has been quite some time since we have post a new entry and in that time we have received several new titles. I'm sure you will enjoy them so come on out and support the cinemat while you rent wonderful movies!

New movies of the week.

We have new titles in our collection, as we do every week. So check them out and stop by to browse our collection of over 5,000 rentals.

Support the WGA.

I know that this has little to do with my job (as of yet) but what if all new releases next year are lousy written films and reality shows? What are we all going to do?

New rentals fromt the last two weeks.

It's been awhile since I've updated our new releases so here are some titles we have acquired over the last two weeks.

The web-slinging hangman story!

Some new films arrived this week. We think you will enjoy them. So come on down and check them out!

Another week means more movies!

As I said last week we would be adding several new movies to our collection. Well, I didn't lie. Here we go!

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