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The Cinemat ceases video rental operations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE • February 17, 2009


Bloomington, Indiana -- The Cinemat has ceased video rental operations effective Monday, February 16, 2009.

The Cinemat Screening Room will continue to be open for events and performances through at least Tuesday, March 31, including this weekend's Oscar telecast. The store hopes to be able to confirm by next week that it will take bookings, and remain open for all shows booked, through Saturday, May 16.

The Cinemat's rental collection of more than 4500 DVDs and 1000 VHS tapes will be made available for sale to the public beginning Friday, Feb. 20. Sale hours will be 5 to 9 pm daily until the collection is sold or until March 31, whichever comes first. The Cinemat's holdings will be searchable at at that time, and titles which have been sold already will be noted there.

Cinemat members with unused rental credits will be able to put those credits toward the purchase of movies at the credits' full value of $3.60 each.

The Cinemat recommends that its customers continue renting at Plan 9 Video, another independent video rental store two blocks north at 213 N. Walnut St. Their collections have much in common, and Plan 9 will acquire a portion of the Cinemat's collection this week. Plan 9 will also honor Cinemat memberships and rental credits.

The Cinemat opened in August 2002 in the Knights of Columbus Building at the northeast corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets, and ends its rental service after more than six and a half years in business. A variety of factors led to owner Steve Volan's decision to close, including the general downturn in the economy, the advent of Websites like YouTube and Hulu and new technologies like the Netflix Player by Roku.

The Funny Bone, on the second floor of the Knights of Columbus building, unaffected by this change, will continue doing its funny business as usual.

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Sunday, February 22 is Oscar™ Night, which may as well be a holiday here at The Cinemat, so we’re celebrating, as is our way, with beer and popcorn. Admission is free, plus you can fill out a nominee ballot for the chance to win free movie rentals.

Kill the City and the return of AAC Matinee

Last week polarOPPOSITEbear performed at The Screening Room, and the lead singer stated, along with several other anecdotes of questionable verity, that he'd heard a rumor that The Cinemat was going to become a go-go bar. While I cannot confirm whether or not this is a real rumor, I can say with some certainty that there are no plans of this nature in the works.

Caroline Smith & The Good NIght Sleeps @ The Screening Room Jan. 23

Hey, it's Heather, back from travails in the wilderness. Over the holidays we here at The Cinemat Screening Room have been busy as ever behind the scenes (I now have a shelf in Employee Picks, and there's new office supplies--YES!). We're off to a rollicking start this year with a show coming up on Friday, Jan 23; Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps.

Oct. 1: The Cinemat welcomes The Funny Bone

Hi all, Steve here to update you on the many changes happening at 4th & Walnut.

The biggest change you may have noticed lately is that we have a new upstairs neighbor, the Funny Bone Comedy Club, which just opened last Thursday, Sept. 25. The Funny Bone is

Readying for fall

The Cinemat family has been busy readying for fall, what with the store being in the preliminary stages of a remodeling project. I can't tell you much yet, but I can say that there's a brand new stage in the Screening Room, and the movie collection in the Renting Room is slowly being reorganized for easier browsing. More to come...

Galleries, and live shows, and contests, oh my!

So, I'm super excited...Steve's given me the go-ahead to try and set up an art gallery at The Cinemat. There's a long, mostly bare wall in the screening room, and I want our local artists to help adorn it. Leave a reply on the site or come by the store for more information.

The new PA

I came into work last week and was informed by Steve that The Cinemat finally got a PA (that stands for public address for all you technologically impaired people, like me). This is a piece of sound equipment that we have long been needing, and the getting of it worth hearty celebration.

Potatoes and more mustaches!

Heather checks in with more observations from the "Movie Complex." -- Ed.

2 UPDATES for the ever-growing list of challenges thrown down by Heather and people who wish to challenge Heather:

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