Saturday trinity of movie showings

The Renting Room may be out of commission, but this Saturday, The Cinemat is host to three, count ‘em three screenings. First up is the Atomic Age Cinema Matinee at 3 PM. This week’s feature is JOHNNY SOCKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT. I expect the pinnacle of special effects for this one, you know; wires, scale models, smoke bombs, the works.
Then at 8, the Mosaic Film Festival presents THE CATS OF MIRIKITANI, a documentary about an 80-year-old Japanese painter living on the streets of Manhattan. This was the winner of the Audience Award at the 2006 Tribeca Film Fesitval, so all of you that patiently wait for the planets to align, causing an actual good movie to grace our screen, wait no more.
And then at Midnight, as always, there’s good old AAC, faithful, fake blood-spurting AAC, which is showing some cheap piece of crap.
Both AAC events are only three dollars, with kids’ admission at the matinee an insanely awesome $1.50, while THE CATS OF MIRIKITANI is free.