Explanation of "Dreadful" Coffee + The Genius File @ The Screening Room TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

People want to know: what’s the deal with “Dreadful” Coffee? Well, the name comes from my British relatives, who are known to say things such as “dreadful,” “lovely,” and “jolly good.” As for the reason behind the name, I suppose you could say it was an experiment in the recession consumer spirit. You see, although the coffee’s was indeed dreadful, it’s a bottomless cup for a buck. So, yes, it may have been terrible, but you got lots and lots of it for cheap!

Unfortunately, the experiment is in danger, as the quality of “Dreadful” Coffee has ironically improved over the last month or so. It’s still the same bottomless cup deal for a buck deal, but it tastes much better, thus skewing the results.

Tomorrow night, we have Louisville’s The Genius File in concert with local band Strictly off the Record and Trio in Stereo, formally of Bloomington, now located in Chicago. The Genius File’s music has been described as “laser-guided indie rock” by The Apples in Stereo’s Robert Schneider, which has the benefit, in addition to leading me to believe that Saturday’s going to be a great show, of conjuring up images of weaponized flying sharks…or maybe that’s just the coffee talking.