Asthmatic Kitty and the rare Tasmanian Tiger

Last Wednesday, I had the challenge of what I later likened to photographing the elusive Tasmanian Tiger. Racebannon capped off a fantastic night with a performance so energetic, I could barely keep the lead singer in frame. Also, there was beer involved. That may have had an impact too—in any case, it was a good night.
Speaking of pictures, it has come to my attention that the general public cannot view attachments on this site. So for the time being, I direct your attention to The Cinemat’s facebook page, where you can find concert photos along with upcoming show info, such as…
This Saturday, Asthmatic Kitty Record’s DM Stith and I Heart Lung will be performing along with Future Rapper. Stith played a great set here a few weeks ago with Vollmar and Ray Santiago, and we’re very excited have him back. It should be a fun, mellow show; you should come chill with us. The show starts at 8 PM, and cover is $5.