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Prizzy Prizzy Please and the return of the mustache!

It's baaaaack! Tonight The Delicious performed here at The Screening Room, and I am delighted to say that David Woodruff is once again sporting a mustache. This is the best news ever...

Requiem for a 'Stache

Behold! Tomorrow night at 9, you will all see the ravages of economic downturn. No, I refer not to The Cinemat selling off its beloved movie collection. I refer the the destruction of the official Best Mustache in Bloomington mustache of David Woodruff. Woodruff's mustache has been swallowed up by a recession beard! Sign of the times, my friends...

Rock against hunger--Live From Bloomington Club Night

This Thursday and Friday, The Cinemat is proud to be a part of Live From Bloomington Club Night, sponsored by WFHB and the IUB Union Board. We've got eight bands in two days; you don't want to miss this! Thursday night we have Spirit Spine, e.p. hall, Alexander the Great, and Spank Ray, then on Friday, e.p. hall is back along with Secrets Between Sailors, Jonah Malarsky, and Eric Radoux.

Saturday trinity of movie showings

The Renting Room may be out of commission, but this Saturday, The Cinemat is host to three, count ‘em three screenings. First up is the Atomic Age Cinema Matinee at 3 PM. This week’s feature is JOHNNY SOCKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT. I expect the pinnacle of special effects for this one, you know; wires, scale models, smoke bombs, the works.

Explanation of "Dreadful" Coffee + The Genius File @ The Screening Room TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

People want to know: what’s the deal with “Dreadful” Coffee? Well, the name comes from my British relatives, who are known to say things such as “dreadful,” “lovely,” and “jolly good.” As for the reason behind the name, I suppose you could say it was an experiment in the recession consumer spirit. You see, although the coffee’s was indeed dreadful, it’s a bottomless cup for a buck.

Asthmatic Kitty and the rare Tasmanian Tiger

Last Wednesday, I had the challenge of what I later likened to photographing the elusive Tasmanian Tiger. Racebannon capped off a fantastic night with a performance so energetic, I could barely keep the lead singer in frame. Also, there was beer involved. That may have had an impact too—in any case, it was a good night.

Our own personal March Madness

Something I’ve been hearing a lot lately: “So what’s happening with the Screening Room?” Well, I’m delighted to say that yes, we’re still doing shows. Lots of shows. We have shows almost every night this month.


Sunday, February 22 is Oscar™ Night, which may as well be a holiday here at The Cinemat, so we’re celebrating, as is our way, with beer and popcorn. Admission is free, plus you can fill out a nominee ballot for the chance to win free movie rentals.

Kill the City and the return of AAC Matinee

Last week polarOPPOSITEbear performed at The Screening Room, and the lead singer stated, along with several other anecdotes of questionable verity, that he'd heard a rumor that The Cinemat was going to become a go-go bar. While I cannot confirm whether or not this is a real rumor, I can say with some certainty that there are no plans of this nature in the works.

Caroline Smith & The Good NIght Sleeps @ The Screening Room Jan. 23

Hey, it's Heather, back from travails in the wilderness. Over the holidays we here at The Cinemat Screening Room have been busy as ever behind the scenes (I now have a shelf in Employee Picks, and there's new office supplies--YES!). We're off to a rollicking start this year with a show coming up on Friday, Jan 23; Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps.

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